Transportbeton d.o.o. Kiseljak is a German-Bosnian company founded in 1998. The main activity of the company is the exploitation and processing of limestone, production, transport and installation of all types of standard and special concrete.

The company’s headquarters are in Draževići, along the main road Sarajevo-Travnik, 20 km from Sarajevo and 7 km from Kiseljak.

Limestone is exploited in our own quarry, with confirmed reserves of approximately three million m³.

Material processing is performed within the company premises, including crushing, screening and washing, with a monthly capacity of approximately 13,000 m2.

The concrete and special concrete is prepared in a fully computerized plant with a capacity of 80 m³/hour. Works can also be performed in winter conditions, up to the temperature of -10°C. All of our products are certified by the Mining Institute Tuzla and the Institute of Materials and Structures Sarajevo, while quality control is constantly performed in our own laboratory.

Our machinery fleet consists of: 6 concrete pumps, mixer pumps, 16 concrete mixers, 2 cement tanks, haulers, etc.

As of August 2012, our new plant for concrete supplies has been in operation – for production of concrete products, primarily two-layer curbs and pavers.

We currently employ 70 workers, who have so far gained significant experience this industry.